TabLog Access Control implementation
TabLog Access Control implementation

TabLog Access Control implementation

  1. The Access Control system requires two installation points. One of those points is the entrance door. If you want to manage rights for more than one door in addition to the entrance door, the number of installation points will be increased by the number of doors. The other installation point is the positioning of the controller, which can be placed in many places. You can place it on the wall, in the server room, or even in the suspended ceiling.
  2. The first step is to determine at how many locations you want to have access right management. Determining this is often not an easy task, you may want to involve a company that installs alarms. Our privileged partner will help to determine with you where to install the system's devices, and they can assess in advance the cost of building the system.
  3. If you want to define it by yourself, in general, companies ask for separate access rights management for the entrance door, the server room, the managers' rooms, the financial department.
  4. Determine for which door, what type of access module you want to use. Within your company, it may be enough to use NFC tokens, which open the right room by touching your mobile phone. You may need an indoor reader to the entrance door, with which your guests, external colleagues can enter with the QR code sent out. In addition, the reader is able to handle previous entry cards, proximity tokens.
  5. Once you've determined what you need to build your system, check out our starter package. The package includes a control unit, 5 nfc tokens and an indoor QR code reader. If that's enough for you, start the registration and order the package.
  6. If you would like to extend the basic package, please contact us.
  7. After ordering and paying, we will deliver you the devices and the necessary installation documentation, with which your subcontractor can easily integrate the system.
  8. At the same time as the order, upload your colleagues' data in the administration interface and assign the appropriate rights to them.
  9. We have prepared a presentation material for the employees, with which you can show them how the system works.
  10. After installation, workers can start using the system immediately. They can use their mobile phones to open different rooms. They can also send out invitations with QR code, with which guests can easily join your company.
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