About our company

Enter the world of smart offices and smart office buildings

TabLog's cloud-based smart office solutions make life easier for managers, operators, workers and visitors. We offer application solutions in three main areas : working time recording, guest arrival, entry management. The systems of TabLog can be easily installed whether it is smaller offices or office complexes with multiple buildings. The solutions can be freely combined so that everyone can find the most optimal construction for them. In 2021, TabLog won the "Smart Office Solution of the Year" award at the Real Estate Awards, Hungary's most prestigious real estate competition.

Our story

rolunk.jpgOne of tablog's founders, Zoltán Radnóty, is engaged in real estate development and operation, while the other founder, Szabolcs Budaházy, is the owner and manager of an application development company. In connection with the development of a new office building, they began to talk about the difficulties of guest arrival at office buildings. They wanted to eliminate the disadvantages of traditional visitor management: slow, paper-based, difficult to follow, and difficult to comply with GDPR obligations. Thus, the idea arose for a cloud-based solution that is more convenient for both operators and guests.

The company was founded in 2018. The system of TabLog Visitor was introduced in 2019. In 2020, hybrid work supporting working time recording was added. And in 2021 the Entry Management module.

In recent years, TabLog has been introduced in the largest office buildings in Budapest, where more than 50 companies can use our prize-winning working time recording and guest arrival system.

Our mission

We help business leaders and operators save time, money and energy by replacing and modernizing their traditional, now obsolete systems.