What do I need to set up the system?

To operate the system, you need a tablet, preferably placed at the entrance, on which you need to install the TabLog Kiosk access control application. When installing the access control application, you must enter the device identification code, which will be sent to you by email after the registration is complete and the access control interface has been set up.

In addition, after your order, you need to upload employee data to the admin interface (name, phone number, e-mail address, right level). After that, there's only one task left. All employees should be asked to download TabLog Work application and do the registration.

How does it work?

There are three different ways workers can start or stop their working time. When working from home, working time is recorded through the TabLog Work application downloaded to their phone. One possibility in the office is to start measuring their working time by scanning the QR code displayed on a tablet located near the entrance space via an application. Another option is if the company has TabLog Access Control service. In this case, it is enough to hold the mobile phone to the NFC token on the door, and at the same time as the door is opened, the recording of working time will start.

How does TabLog Work support hybrid work?

Workers can flexibly manage the start of the working time depending on from where they work. When working from home, it's enough to go to TabLog Work application, where they can start their working time. And when working at the office, they can activate their work start by scanning the QR code displayed on the tablet.

What does real-time status tracking mean?

Within the application, clicking on 'Colleagues' menu item opens an interface that allows each employee to quickly see who works, where they work from, and whether they are available.