TabLog Work implementation<br>in 6 easy steps
TabLog Work implementation
in 6 easy steps

TabLog Work implementation

The system of TabLog Work consists of three elements. A tablet, the access control application running on this device and the employee application that can be downloaded to your mobile phone.


6 simple steps
  1. Choose the most optimal service package for you, for how many people you want the service, and whether you want to order a tablet or use your own.
  2. After ordering, set the appearance of your arrival application in the admin interface (colour, logo, etc.)
  3. Add your colleagues' data to the excel table that can be downloaded from the admin interface, and then upload the completed table to the admin interface.
  4. Place the tablet, preferably near the entrance. We will pre-upload the TabLog Kiosk access control application for tablets ordered from us, so you will have no other task than to start the application. For your own tablet, download the access control application to your device and start the application with the device identification code sent via email.
  5. Notify your colleagues about the TabLog service that will be implemented. For this, we have prepared a guide that will introduce them to the service. 
  6. Ask your colleagues to download the TabLog Work employee application to their phone and do the registration
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